Step Families – How to Create a Strong Step Family

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 A Luxury Family Vacation Or A Romantic Getaway Package

Looking for a luxury family vacation, or even a romantic getaway package, then the Verandah Resort & Spa on Antigua’s North East Coast is worth checking out
A Luxury Family Vacation on the unspoilt north east coast of Antigua, very much oceanfront, within a 30 acre site, with 200 villa units, this new all suite resort could be the best place for your family vacation in Antigua. The Verandah Resort and Spa is not just tuned to the family it would also be a great place for a romantic getaway package.
Although officially graded as a four star resort many of the guests report it to be of five star quality, and it isn’t unusual to hear comments like ‘The Best Hotel We’ve been to in the Caribbean’, and ‘An absolutely fantastic Resort for all the family’, amongst other flattering remarks.
The Verandah Resort and Spa is new, with superb large villas, large rooms, everything very clean, and huge verandas. You should book an Ocean View if you can, because the views are awesome. The grounds are well maintained and beautiful, and of course will get even more so as the resort ages.
The Verandah Resort and Spa can give you a luxury family vacation, but almost as important an affordable vacation, and you can choose the All Inclusive option which means you have no worries about how much you are spending. This makes it ideal for a romantic getaway package.
If you are travelling to the Verandah Resort and Spa as a family, then you are well catered for with a spacious and beautiful Kid’s Club for children aged from 4-11 with games crafts and activities for the tinys. There are large, well fenced gardens for outdoor fun, and well trained staff to take the strain, so your family vacation can feel like a romantic getaway even with children.
There are plenty of games for the small children, and active teenagers are equally well catered for. They can sail, snorkel, or use a comprehensive range of complimentary non motorised water sports, with instruction as well, so everyone can participate.
Outside the resort, there are of course Antigua’s 365 beaches, all different, all beautiful, to discover, historic sites from Napoleonic times, jeep tours of the rainforest, golf, and shopping in vibrant St John’s. Whatever family activity you are thinking about, you will get good advice from the staff at the Verandah Resort and Spa.
Part of the enjoyment of a family vacation, luxury or not is eating meals as a family. Here at the Verandah Resort and Spa there are three restaurants that will suit guests of all ages. At the Seabreeze where buffet style meals make it easy to pick and choose, you can drop in when you like, and stay as long as you want. Nicole’s is the fine dining restaurant and the menu has quality food, whilst the kids can have what they want. At the Buccaneer, where dining is quite a casual affair, pizza, burgers, pasta and sandwiches are just ideal for the teenagers in the family. Finally afternoon tea at The Verandah is just a great English Classic transferred to the Caribbean.
It can be quite difficult in a few paragraphs to describe and explain why the Verandah Resort and Spa would make an ideal luxury family vacation, and yet this all suite resort also makes a great place for a romantic getaway package, but the pleasant isolation helps. It’s you choice but the Verandah Resort and Spa is worth investigation.

Gareth Jones is responsible for Antigua Vacation Spots as well as authoring several articles about Worldwide Vacation Spots and he recommends Caribbean Vacation Spots His first love is the Caribbean especially the hotels on Antigua.

 Family History ? 3 Creative Ways to Leave Your Own Legacy

I am sure you are interested in create a compelling family history with all your digital memories. The chances are that you’re already doing many of the right things. You’re probably already capturing lots of good digital memories. Hopefully you’ve started converting your non-digital files to digital format. Maybe you’re even better than the average family about getting that video camera out often, and incorporating it into special events and every-day life.

Here are 3 creative methods you can use that add a whole new level to your memories and family history?

Step 1: Historical changes

Think about the world twenty years ago. So much has changed between now and then? Encapsulating this in how you record and save your memories will be fascinating not only later in your life but also for your future generations. There are many details that you can trap. The variances in your family beliefs, family habits, past times and even family sporting endeavors.

Step 2: Technological changes

Technological advancement adds a completely new element to the times of your family’s experiences. Fifteen years ago, only a few privileged people had car phones. Now, tiny little cell phones are common technology; most of the people you pass in the street are carrying them or talking on them. You can note technology advancement, use new technology for recording your life experiences even comment on the many changes in your journaling or videoing.

Step 3: Political Changes

Overarching political and historical changes can have great effects on your family’s life. These can include positive events, such as the removal of the Berlin Wall, and negative events, such as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the US. While drastically different in consequence, these historical events have had a great impact, in many ways, on your life. You can record and save details or even your feelings or personal experiences on these outcomes.

Adding creative new elements to your digital family history with these 3 unique methods creates a whole new level of complexity and richness in your digital family legacy for the future. Not only will your family members and future generations be able to view video and photos of your life, but they’ll know about the important events and every-day life that may have been a part of your family’s reality.

There are many ways in which you can “trap” this kind if information. You can write it in a digital journal, copy it from a blog or website and save it in a relevant file that corresponds with an event in your life or you can even save news clips or videos. You could also video or audio record your thoughts, feelings and experiences for a more personal touch. There are so many digital mediums now for storing these occurrences and it really does add enormous value. Think about how it makes you “feel” when you look back and think about how your Grand Parents lived during World War II. Are you fascinated? If so your future generations will wonder the same about you and the forces that shaped your life. So why not give them a chance to see what it was really like.


Tim Lassig is the creator of Treasure Chest Software, a unique software program specifically designed to preserve all your family history in a digital display to protect it for you and your future generations to admire. Tim has taken digital technology and morphed it into a life inspiring range of tools to help you create a digital legacy and family heirloom for your future. Don?t lose a single memory! Easily preserve and protect your family history today at:

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 Family Seal Rings – Useful in the Past, Today’s Stunning Jewelry


Jewelry has adorned the bodies of men and women for tens of thousands of years – since before mankind began recording history or even had any type of written language. Family seal rings haven’t been around for quite that long, but their history does go back to the feudal period of the Middle Ages, one thousand or more years ago.

In those long-ago times, a nobleman or knight going into battle would decorate his armor and shield with his heraldic coat-of-arms or badge, allowing him to quickly identify himself to both his allies and his enemies on the battlefield. Heraldic jewelry evolved out of this common wartime practice, and even during times of peace, the nobility often would decorate their possessions, including the jewelry that they wore, with heraldic devices and badges. Heraldic jewelry thus came to be a form of personal adornment and an expression of personal pride or vanity in addition to being a means of identifying oneself.

A few specific types of heraldic jewelry were created for practical reasons, although their main use today is as purely decorative jewelry. A prime example of this early practicality is the family seal ring. In the past, family seal rings (also called signet rings) made for the nobility were designed to have a heraldic emblem such as a crest or coat-of-arms engraved on the surface of the top of the ring. The heraldic device was designed in reverse (like a mirror-image), so that when the top of the ring was pressed into hot wax that had been dripped onto the closure of a letter or document, it created an image of the crest or arms. The wax image of the device then sealed the paper closed when the wax cooled. Because the heraldic device belonged to a specific person, a wax seal bearing that heraldic crest or coat-of-arms identified the sender of a letter and assured its authenticity.

Although the need to guarantee a letter’s authenticity in this way is long gone, family seal rings can be used to seal letters even today. There are probably a few people who seal their letters with a family seal ring purely out of a sense of vanity, but many, many others who use family seal rings for sealing documents realize that they are a symbolic link to the past and to their family history. The same is true for those who wear family seal rings purely as beautiful pieces of heraldic jewelry.

Captivating Jewelry That Evokes Status, History and Tradition.

In countries where the noble class still exists, a family seal ring isn’t just a beautiful piece of jewelry – it is also a clearcut symbol of status that serves as an instant identifier of the wearer’s level in society. And even in countries that do not recognize noble birth (such as the United States), a fine family seal ring is a uniquely appropriate piece of jewelry for a man or woman of high accomplishment or high social status.

Family seal rings can be decorated with beautifully engraved or etched

family seals, crests, shields or heraldic coats-of-arms. They are often made of precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum, and the arresting appearance of high-quality pieces, with their intricate detail, will captivate anyone who sees them. Their visual appeal can be enhanced even more if they are enameled with vivid colors or if they are set with colorful precious gemstones.

Family seal rings are extremely popular because of their beauty and the history that they signify. The pageantry and magnificence of the Medieval world are quickly brought to mind by these stunning rings with their highly stylized, intricate heraldic designs. They instill a sense of history and also encourage a connection with family heritage. Family history and time-honored traditions – both are reflected in the beautiful design of a family seal ring.

Diane Hamments is a freelance author who writes on various subjects including Family Seal Rings , Collectables and Memorabilia. Visit great gift ideas for more information.

 Family Vacation Idea – Tahoe Family Holidays Are Fun

Lake Tahoe is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes having a splendid panoramic view. The entire area is home to various outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy, and if the family is an outdoor activities buff then that’s even better. Tahoe is located within Sierra Nevada peak range that stands in the center bisecting Nevada & California. This lake lies in the area of both the 2 states. And what better setting can a family that is on holiday ask for.
There are some exquisite qualities of this Tahoe Lake that makes it the ideal destination for tourist planning a vacation. Firstly there is no dirt of hotels and resorts that can be easily found spread equally all over the region so wherever you’d like to stay you will find a decent accommodation as per your needs. And the outdoor activities are plentiful therefore the matter of staying inside the confines of your room does not arise, this is a naturally beautiful place which can be explored outdoors only.
Like said earlier when you opt to come here at Lake Tahoe for your vacations you will never find this place wanting of accommodation options. You can willfully stay at any of the ski resorts, which are available all across the region. Hotels are also there and provide a high standard of accommodation. Camping is another option while on vacations. Incase your family is a large one with many members taking to trip here then you shall need to find a holiday rental that suits your budget requirements.
Outdoor Sports Activities
Outdoor sports activities are a way of life here at Lake Tahoe and you will see all the residents on the streets and places where such activities take place regularly. Outdoors activities during winters see a spurt with snowboarding, skiing and all other games. So if the sound of such activities has your family interested then make a reservation to reach ski Holiday destination of Lake Tahoe.
The area of Lake Tahoe is quite large and therefore there are many places where you can find such sports activities being played. One of them being Squaw Valley (a former Winter Olympics host), Diamond Peak & Alpine Meadows.
Activities are restricted to snowboarding & skiing. You can simply sit by the lake and indulge water sports like water skiing. If you are an adventure loving family then trekking and hiking can also be done here there are enough areas to enjoy this sport.
Things to Do
Admittedly outdoor activities form a large chunk of the time spent at Lake Tahoe there is certainly more to offer at Tahoe. The shopping avenues are excellent and the restaurants and pubs are even better. There are some excellent resorts in the region that offer spa services. Casinos too can be found here and could prove to be a nice source of entertainment if you splurge within a limit. But if you were along with the family then you would need to make arrangements for babysitting while you stay outdoors.
Certainly Tahoe Family holidays are Fun and you would need to decide what time of the year would and your family likes to visit. Winter is certainly the central theme here but summers too can be the perfect getaway while on vacations.

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 Focus on the Family, Series 1

There are so many issues to take into consideration when raising a family.  This series will take a look at many of them, one at a time.


You started out by meeting the love of your life.  You married and decided to have children.  When you married your spouse, you acquired more than a husband or wife, you got in-laws, too!


Family sometimes means well but often the advice is unwanted and occasionally unwarranted.


Issue:  What to do with unwanted advice from family members.


What do you do when you get advice from family and even friends that you don’t want?  You certainly don’t want to hurt their feelings and you also don’t want to alienate them.  But, you also don’t want to keep hearing either what you are doing wrong or suggestions as to how you can do things better. 


Family and friends have had experiences unique to them, in regards to raising children.  Sometimes, you really do need their input to help you with raising your children.  It is hard to draw the line and yet still get help. 


Here are a few suggestions on how to stay focused on your family without causing a feud:


1.         First thing to always try is the truth.  If you are having too much input and it is starting to cause uncomfortable feelings, ask to go to lunch or coffee with that particular person.  Go by yourself, don’t gang up.  That will put them on the defensive.  Explain to them that although you recognize they did a great job raising their family, you feel you need to do this on your own.  You realize you may do things differently and occasionally, you may do them wrong, but raising your family, in your way, is very important to you.


After you explain your feelings, be sure to tell you them that you are counting on them when you do need advice.  You respect their parenting skills and you know you will benefit from their advice, when asked for it.


2.         Be quick to correct.  If your extended family members is taking charge of a situation or handling in inappropriately according to your chosen style, stop it right away.  Take the family member aside and be direct with your words.  For example:  Grandpa caught the kids jumping on the couch.  He immediately raised his voice and scolded the children and not the behavior.  Take Grandpa aside and explain that you chose not to raise your voice to the children and only the behavior should have been addressed.  It may hurt his feelings, at first, but he will come to accept his role in the lives of his grandchildren.  His job is to love them.  Your job is to raise them.


3.         Get the support of your spouse.  Before a situation causes permanent harm and if the situation is with your in-laws, get the support of your spouse.  Typically a private conversation will do the trick.  There need not be blamed placed, just a compassionate conversation will usually get the message across.


4.         Write a letter.  Sometimes people are just too hard to talk to.  If that is the case, write a letter.  Take your time and put your thoughts on paper.  Don’t blame or degrade, just ask for their help.  Explain you love them and truly appreciate all of their support, but you are having a difficult time with ____.  Be heartfelt but courteous.


5.         Refer to research or the doctor.  If the advice you have been given is medical related, stick to the “My Doctor said…” line and you should be fine.


6.         Play off the truth.  If your mom is great at not interfering but your in-laws aren’t, complain to your in-laws about something your mom is doing, even if she isn’t.  Hopefully your in-laws will recognize that they, too, do that and will stop.


Whatever you do, remember, that person is a valued family member.  You want to remain close to that person and avoiding the issue will not make it go away.  Deal with it and resolve it.  It may be painful at first for both you and them but it the end, the truth may draw unexpected closeness.

Chris Lowrey commits herself to family and writing. Several of her books have been published and she now holds the position of Editor of Family Time Charm.

 Family Vacation Idea – The Beach Family Holiday at Lagunas de Matapalo

Situated in Central America is Costa Rica, which is a proven holiday spot and in particular for the entire family. The beach of Lagunas de Matapalo is the most attractive spot to either make a trip base or to stay here and enjoy the surroundings more so when your family is fond of a beach location. Costa Rica is one of the chief places where outdoor activities strive and enhance the attractiveness of Costa Rica as a major international tourist destination. Those families who love outdoor locales can either go hiking or just lay back and take view of the awesome rain forest, lounging at the beachside is also a favorite activity here, there is Lagunas de Matapalo that can prove to be a wonderful beach family holiday.
Do not hasten your reservations until you are acquainted with few important things. 1st and foremost, your approach to the trip can be variable. While a small percentage of people like a resort setting to confine themselves comfortably, for them there are various all-inclusive packages that for offer value for money and provide access to key facilities. Or else locate a Lagunas de Matapalo holiday rental, which can fulfill the needs of the entire family for instance babysitting & even kids activities.
If you are thinking on the lines of what you can do on reaching a Lagunas de Matapalo, well it solely lies in your hands and is guided by your family’s interests. Some would prefer beach lounging while other would be interested in water sports activities.
It is also likelihoodthat when visiting a Lagunas de Matapalo you can see new parts of Costa Rica. Costa Rica isn’t an oversized country and most of the interesting spots are in close vicinity of each other. Costa Rica has great beaches but you will have let yourself down if do not explore the other avenues too. Hiking, wildlife sanctuaries, the beautiful rain forests and amazing waterfalls, are all some of the other inviting points. Volcanoes too can be found here.
Know that you have a better idea of the possible places you’d like to visit along with your family you might consider to spend a good part of your family holidays at Lagunas de Matapalo while the other part could be spent in areas that are rich in flora and fauna.
Costa Rica has a blend of rich culture as well that needs to be explored extensively to know about it. The music scene in Costa Rica derives its influences for mostly customary Spanish dances like salsa but influences of the calypso music can also so be found in some regions to a greater extent.
Do not hasten yourtour to Lagunas de Matapalo or any other part of Costa Rica until you are sure that you have sorted out all travel related and accommodation related issues from your family. To get proper reservations you can easily get that done from online resources but if you are looking for a reasonable offer then you might consider getting in touch with your local tour operator.

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 5 Great Ideas For a Family Activity Holiday

If you’re looking to do something different with the kids when you next go on holiday, have you thought about horse riding in America? How about cycling beside the Danube? Or dog sledding in Lapland? If you want an experience that your children will really remember on holiday, then a family activity holiday may be just the thing for you.
Many parents may be put off by health and safety concerns for these kinds of adventure holiday, but they shouldn’t be. Almost all standard activity holidays will have some kind of child friendly option, and there are plenty of niche operators that specifically offer family activity holidays. If you are worried about safety, it is always a good idea to check out any adventure holiday company that you decide to go with, to make sure it is reputable and provides a good service. Read any online reviews that you can find, and call them up and see how they respond to your concerns.
If you start to look around for a family activity holiday, you’ll be spoilt for choice: here are five ideas to get you started.
Cycling in Europe
Cycling abroad can be a safe and fun family activity holiday, and it is very easy to organise. Make sure you check the difficulty level of any cycling trip before you go, and be sure to let your travel operator know that you’ll be bringing children with you. Sweating your way up a steep mountain pass with an exhausted child in tow is no one’s idea of a fun holiday!
But as long as you pick a route that all the family will be comfortable with, you can have a brilliant time. The Loire Valley and the route along the Danube are two of Europe’s most established cycling routes, and they are also suitable for children on a family activity holiday, being on flat and gently hilly terrain and taking in astonishing views along the way.
Safari in Africa
There’s little that gets kids more excited than wild animals, and an African safari makes for a great family activity holiday. Safaris can include hippo spotting on boat trips, 4×4 drives through nature reserves, visits to farms, animal sanctuaries and orphanages, and many other activities.
The safari business is very well established, and you’ll find plenty of companies that can provide packages specifically for family activity holidays. Kenya is the most common destination, though safari holidays are run in many other African countries as well, such as South Africa and Tanzania.
Riding & Ranch Stay in America
For a real cowboy experience, there’s nothing like a ride and ranch holiday – learning to ride, spending time with the animals and learning some basic cowboy skills are all things that appeal to kids and their parents! Many tour operators accept absolute beginners, though it may be worth getting your children (and yourself!) a little experience in the saddle before you travel abroad.
Make sure you choose the right kind of ranch experience for your family activity holiday. Working ranch holidays (including cattle drives) aren’t suitable for young children, as they require long hours in the saddle and a fair amount of riding experience. Centre based riding holidays, where you stay in a single location with daily riding activities, can accommodate all ages, and some progressive riding holidays (where you move from ranch to ranch over a number of days) are suitable for slightly older children.
Dog Sledding in Lapland
If cutting through the snow with your kids on a husky driven sledge sounds like your idea of heaven, this might be the activity holiday for you! For children, the combination of snow, animals and adventure can be irresistible. The scenery in Lapland is remarkable, and there’s even a chance that you’ll catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights when you visit.
Dog sledding can be done as a one day excursion or, if you and your children are feeling adventurous, can be part of a multi-day expedition, stopping off at various lodges and cabins along the way. This is a family activity holiday for slightly older children – check with travel companies to find out the exact minimum age for their trips.
Sailing through the Greek Islands
Sailing can make for a superb family activity holiday, and the Greek Islands are an ideal destination – not only is the scenery beautiful, the steady waters make it a very safe place to sail and swim. Children and adults can learn the basics of sailing, swim in the Mediterranean, visit harbour towns and bask in the sun. No previous knowledge of sailing or yachting is necessary in most cases, with full tuition and assistance available.
Most family sailing holidays will be based on a flotilla, which are medium sized yachts with sails and engines. Flotillas are a very family friendly way to sail, and have become hugely popular in recent years. There are plenty of tour operators that offer flotilla holidays in Greece, and if you have very young children they can provide extra safety precautions, such as safety netting along the guardrails, to help keep your kids safe.

Kieron Sellens is the marketing manager of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AiTO). With AITO’s cultural breaks you can choose from tailor-made family activity holidays, historical tours, musical trips and many more. The independent tour operators that AITO represent specialise in worldwide holidays tailored to their customers’ requirements.

 Best Family Vacation Destination – Family Holiday Rentals At Texas

Most family heads would always choose the best destination as the holiday spot for their family and even more so if it can give the entire family something new to learn at the same time. Well Texas has all this and more. Family Tours to Texas can be unexpectedly unique, interesting & fun, more so for those who reside in a different part of US and haven’t come here at all. Texas is not the simple destination that only got great fillers to showcase, there are some exquisite places ideal for family reunion in Texas that lend this spot its tag of being the perfect holiday break.
Texas has got basically all the ingredients to call it a complete family holiday destination with nature’s blessing, zoos, theme parks, museums and also great festivals that are celebrated in style. Or in short what ever are the preferences of all your family member Texas has it right here for you.
By now you would be tempted in knowing a few of the places to visit as part of the Texas Family Holiday Destination. So let try and give a peep into some really intriguing places that you would too love to visit.
Beaches in Texas
Now is there any vacation that can be termed compete with out the dip into the sea. Beaches in Texas are aplenty and the light color sand make it the major attraction point for beach sports activities as well as water sports activities. The whole family will find the beach area to its likings and there are many pubs and restaurants where there is a mix of international dished coupled with the great seafood dishes. If you would to stay near the beach side by find the hotels a tad costly then Family vacation rentals are a good option. A few of the well known beaches are Galveston Island, Mustang Island, Padre Island & Corpus Christi, & Sea Rim.Ranch Experience
Probably the most striking thing about Texas is the ranch culture and spending time at it can be a truly out of the world experience. This makes it one of the other very good Family Holiday destinations at Texas and can prove to be an inexperienced yet surprise package of your holiday tour. And for the same reason as many tourists do when they come here is that they would need a holiday ranch in Texas wherein the entire family can come, stay, experience life at a ranch and have fun doing all these things.
The ranch experience can turn out to be a fun outing as it allows for people have the chance learn who a life is lead living at a ranch. There are some friendly ranches that permit you to take part in the different ranching jobs.Other tourist spots in Texas
There is more than what meets the in general about Texas holidays. A place like Houston, for instance, has many amenities and spots that would be the perfect evening place to go like the theater were you can witness performing arts or stage shows and plays. There are many museums too. Things are done in a different manner here in Texas true to their own style.
Thus Texas can prove to be the vacation that will leave your entire family in high spirits and joyous all through the vacation tour.

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 Frugal Living for the Whole Family

Being single and living a frugal lifestyle isn’t that difficult as you are the only one involved in all the decision-making. However this all changes once you have a partner or if children come along, expanding your family and income requirements. To ensure a more harmonious life and to avoid future rows about money or even worse getting into financial difficulty it is important that every member of the family understands the need to live a frugal lifestyle.. Sorting out the family budget needs to be tackled first by the adults in the family, as they will have to have a united front if the rest of the family are going to be persuaded to follow the new frugal living regime. The first things to discover and sort out are:Whether either of the adults have any outstanding debts or savings. These should both be consolidated.If either of them have credit cards and if so which ones, it is important that the amount of credit cards are kept to a minimum and that the ones that are used are providing the lowest interest rates and best terms.How much each of them spends a week and how they record their spending. A budget needs to be set for personal spending and a single way of recording the family’s finances should be put into place.Once the adults are sure of the finances it is important for the whole family to sit down together to discuss the families future goals and why living a frugal lifestyle will help them to achieve these goals. Some common goals are:Saving for holidaysRetirementBuying a new homeChildren’s futuresReducing any existing debt. These goals should be clearly written out and placed in a prominent place in the home as a permanent reminder to everyone.The last main hurdle in making sure the whole family keeps to a frugal living budget is to make sure they all understand the value of money and sticking to a budget. To do this I believe it is important to treat all children in an honest and adult fashion and instilling in them a sense of responsibility and commitment to the family as a whole.Young children will need to be given a broad understanding of the concept of money; this can be done in a few simple steps:Involve the children in buying decisions for large household items, explaining why the items are so expensive and how valuable they are.Get them to help with making the weekly shopping list and get them to compare one brand with another and the difference in costExplain how you make money and how many hours you have to work to earn certain amount.Give your children a small amount of weekly pocket money in exchange for a small job around the houseProvide the children with a piggy bank and encourage them to save money for items they want to but.Show them alternative places to shop like charity stores and Garage sales.Teenagers will need a slightly different approach as their demands for money for things such as buying music; makeup and clothes can put quite a strain on the family budget if not checked early on. It is important to make them realise that they can have these things but in moderation.Allocate an amount of money that you are prepared and able to spend on your teenagers each week for things like clothes, make up and Cd’s etc and then give the teenager that amount of money in one go every week, making sure they understand that it is up to them to budget this money themselves.Once the whole family understands that by living a frugal lifestyle they will be helping to achieve family goals and they will all benefit at some point, it will be much easier to keep a reign on the budget and to have a much happier family life.

Kate and her partner co-write a site all about living simply and frugally in the modern world. Their second site is a cat friendly site full of cat health and cat care advice.

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