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 Generation Text: Raising Well-Adjusted Kids in an Age of Instant Everything Book Review

Modern parents are concerned about the effects of technology on their kids. Younger and younger children are spending more and more time interacting not with human beings, but with gadgets – cell phones, computers, video games, and other devices. Do we have reason to be concerned, and if yes, how do we go about setting [...]

 Fun Games for Kids

You will be surprised to know that kids are able to learn faster than normal grown-ups are. Since the children’s brains are still fresh, they are able to keep in mind the things they gather from their environment well. This is the reason why it is important to provide fun games for kids to enable [...]

 Getting Kids to Play Outdoors

Forming a Social Network Of Kids It might sound really amusing to consider building a social network of kids but that’s a great solution to the problem at hand. What do I mean by a social network? Well its simple, in any neighborhood you will certainly find at least a bunch of kids who are [...]

 How To Draw For Kids – Tips To Help Kids Draw

If you feel teaching how to draw for kids is beyond you because you believe that you are unable to draw yourself (I believe that being artistic can be developed just like muscles) do not worry and read on.While artistic drawing is an amazing skill, even more amazing is the different styles and artistic interpretations [...]

 Cool and Fun Kids Recipes, Classic Snack Recipes for Children

Making fun kids snacks is a great way to stave off boredom and keep the kids interested.  Learning to cook is a great activity that kids of all ages can do.  When the food is something fun that the kids are interested in, it can not only be a fun activity but a great learning [...]

 Buy American Made Toys – A Safer Choice For Our Kids

American made kids toys and children’s furniture are gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. They are well made of safe materials and support American manufacturers. The educational toys are fun, the kid sized furniture is sturdy and attractive, money and jobs stay in the US – everybody wins when you buy American made [...]

 Nutrition For Kids- An Essential Element of Parenting!

Most mothers live in a constant state of worry about the right nutrition for kids and how to go about achieving it. The problem does not lie with their lack of information but with the un-cooperative attitude of their children. Almost all kids seem to have problems with consuming the kind of nutritious food that [...]

 Simple Ideas for an Extraordinary Kids Vacation

A vacation for kids need not be the same every year. Always look for fresh ideas to surprise your kids. Encourage them to learn a new skill, to acquire new knowledge or simply let them have some unique experiences for each vacation. Here are some simple ideas for an extraordinary vacation for your kids.
1. [...]

 The Growing Popularity of Atvs for Kids

The growing popularity of ATVs for kids
Many years ago, when ATVs had only 3 wheels instead of 4, many parents were quite reluctant to let their kids ride on them. But now with 4 wheels and the ever-growing popularity of ATVs, especially among the kids and youths, the ATV manufacturers and dealers have also [...]

 The Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Golfing With Your Kids

Golfing with your kids is a lot different than golfing with adults, obviously.
Your kids have a shorter attention span, and they are also shorter than your friends.
Your kids have to be supervised the whole time, whereas your friends do not (usually).
Your kids sometimes act like they are being tortured just by being on the golf [...]

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