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 Health And Fitness For Kids ? Ten Steps For A Healthier Life

Today more than ever it is harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle with sedentary pastimes such as watching television, playing video games and surfing the Internet competing for our kid’s time and replacing more physical activities.Combined with the easy availability and low cost of unhealthy processed foods or ‘junk food’, then this can have an [...]

 Cultural Norms and Their Impact On Families

How do we know whether there are cultural norms, what they are, and how they affect family patterns? Family historians often rely on popular literature, essays, and diaries to reveal long-term changes in family values. Another approach is to evaluate the effects of economic or demographic forces on family and to appeal to culture or [...]

 Basic Guide For A Fun Family Reunion

A family reunion is a where family members can renew bonds and ties, meet new additions to the family, keep updated on each others’ lives, and simply have fun. If you have been tasked to plan the next family reunion, one of your goals may be how to make the event as fun and enjoyable [...]

 Kid Atvs ? Beware of Fraud Dealers!

Kid ATVs – beware of fraud dealers!
Don’t be fooled by people who claim to be Kid ATV dealers but do not have the proven record of their “sales”. With the ever increasing of the popularity of ATV, it is not surprising that everyone is eager to make a profit out of ATV sales. [...]

 The Etymology of Family Through Sociological Perspective

The notion of family as the form of people’s relationships took its root in the ancient time. Family has become the part of our life since then, but the importance of its study is still essential. Such a form of social relations keeps much attention among scholars. The aim of this paper is to contribute [...]

 Why Kids Tell Lies and What to Do About it

Catching your child in a lie is maddening, painful and upsetting. What else does he lie about? How can I trust him? Behavioral therapist James Lehman explains why kids tell lies and suggests a better way for parents to deal with it.
Q: When your child lies to you, it hurts. As parents, it makes us [...]

 Insights Into Establishing A Harmonious Blended Family

Many adults are getting married with children already in the wings. The result – blended families – can be greatly rewarding, although not without conflict. This article highlights some areas of concern for blended families and how to deal with them.
It is not uncommon these days for couples to pursue remarriage with children already in [...]

 Magic Shows- Perfect Option at Kid?s Party

Magic shows today are increasing in popularity in all party themes such as wedding parties, corporate and business functions. The magic performers are one of the perfect options available to perform close-up comedy magic which can make the guests feel amazed, amused and laugh like crazy. The best part of adding a magic show to [...]

 Franchise a Family Business

A large family can supply needed employees
A franchise that has many employees working in it on different shifts is one that a large family could run quite well if the family members are so inclined. The family must however get along with each other, as they will spend even more time together if they work [...]

 Getting Kids Clothing at a Discount

If you have children you would know how expensive kids clothing can be. Shopping for kids clothing can be a total nightmare, especially if it is school re-opening time you are shopping for back to school items including uniforms, shoes and backpacks.  What’s more, kids seem to want the latest in fashions when it comes [...]

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