Step Families – How to Create a Strong Step Family

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 Create the Right Family Culture and Good Behaviour is Easy

As an avid football supporter I have been intrigued by the recent debacle with a local football team that saw two players suspended by the club until the end of the season. The two players were involved in a car accident following a drinking bout. They then lied about the nature of their involvement, which [...]

 Research your History and Create a Family Tree

Family Tree provides detailed information on the families past history. To organize your research you need to create a worksheet of your family tree. There are many tools to use to help start the process of your family tree, they are not expensive and widely available, and they are great tools for organizing. Studying [...]

 Kids Love Their Own Space to Learn and Create

In our basement is a place for our kids to learn and create. It’s not a fancy space, but it’s practical, spacious and kid friendly. A kids’ art and craft desk, a computer just for children, a piano keyboard, a bucket of instruments, an easel, and two kids’ tables with kid sized chairs [...]

 Create a Fun Theme for your Child’s next Fancy Dress Party

Maybe you have grown tired of the same old kid party themes and want to liven things up just a bit. You can do this by using your imagination to create a fun theme that will have all of the children dancing with delight. Don’t be afraid to be a little different, kids really appreciate [...]

 How to Create a Child Model Portfolio?

How to create a child model portfolio? As a parent this may be a conundrum for you. Child model portfolio showcases the modeling features of children. In the modeling industry today, child models have an unprecedented significance. This is primarily due to the consumer products and services churned out by mega business brands. In a [...]

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