Step Families – How to Create a Strong Step Family

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 The Family Development Program: Creativity, Performance and Play to Help Families Develop

In our current over-scheduled, over-pressured world, families are confronting problems they have little capacity to do anything about. We can tend to cope by getting stuck in a narrow range of behaviors and responses even if they are not helpful.  A child who has learned to have temper tantrums when she is angry, and her [...]

 A New Home Gives Space to Blending Families

When two families join together through marriage, there are a number of issues that need to be sorted out so that everyone feels comfortable with the new family unit. One important item that needs to be settled prior to the wedding day is the question about where this new mixed family will live. As we [...]

 Aetna Family Health Insurance For Families With Children

It is very important for families to have health insurance. Aetna family health insurance can be a great buy for any family. It is important for children to have a regular doctor that the family can visit. It is also important that in case of emergency a child can get the proper care needed without [...]

 Family Tree Unites Families and Help to Improve Relationship

If you would take a Poll Titled: “What is the most important “thing” in your life?” you would get an 80% or higher return with the Number 1 answer being: Family Unity.
In an Age, where Generations no longer are only divided by age but also by distance, Family get together, the sharing of [...]

 The Best Escorted Tours for Families

An escorted tour is a great option when planning a family vacation. Escorted tours provide the benefit of spending time with your family while enjoying the culture and landmarks of the area you are visiting. There are tour companies which cater specifically to family vacations such as Adventures by Disney, Tauck Bridges Tours, and Globus [...]

 Unhappy Families are a Blessing

Elsabe Smit is the author of A Tapestry of Life and the blog , spiritual interpretations of everyday life. Refer the blog for an exciting competition where you can honour a person over 50 who achieved something remarkable.

 Vacation Tours For Single-Parent Families – Examine Available Options

Single parents can get overwhelmed with the heavy load of responsibility and time demands that come with being the only adult in a family. Concerns about money, child rearing, and personal health loom large, and single parents may neglect their own personal needs for relaxation and fun.
If you’re a single parent feeling weighed down by [...]

 Cultural Norms and Their Impact On Families

How do we know whether there are cultural norms, what they are, and how they affect family patterns? Family historians often rely on popular literature, essays, and diaries to reveal long-term changes in family values. Another approach is to evaluate the effects of economic or demographic forces on family and to appeal to culture or [...]

 What Makes Strong and Nurturing Families?

Human beings have the longest dependency on others than any other living creature. We spend our lives in relationships, either toxic or nurturing. If the family of origin was not supportive and loving, we either repeat that pattern or look for other mentors and teachers. Can you visualize a closed fist as opposed to an [...]

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