Family History ? 3 Creative Ways to Leave Your Own Legacy

I am sure you are interested in create a compelling family history with all your digital memories. The chances are that you’re already doing many of the right things. You’re probably already capturing lots of good digital memories. Hopefully you’ve started converting your non-digital files to digital format. Maybe you’re even better than the average [...]

 Writing Your Family History and Keeping Yours Alive

Digging into your family’s past and writing about the people and events you discover can be a fascinating endeavor. A family history also helps children and grandchildren develop a sense of belonging, a feeling of continuity between the generations. I’ve also found in my family history interesting people who act as a springboard for novels [...]

 Research your History and Create a Family Tree

Family Tree provides detailed information on the families past history. To organize your research you need to create a worksheet of your family tree. There are many tools to use to help start the process of your family tree, they are not expensive and widely available, and they are great tools for organizing. Studying [...]

 Why Research Family History?

Family history research is a fascinating study which once you start it will probably turn into a passion. Many people have asked themselves where they come from, where are their roots, and these questions reflect a yearning that all of us have. Genealogy is the science of tracing your family tree. It is a kind [...]

 All About Autograph Collecting and Family History

Since the TV series “Roots”, there has been a surge of interest in tracing family roots and history. Autograph collecting has been one of the avenues used to record this history. Now every other family seeks to have some kind of reunion once a year, every two years, or in rare cases every [...]

 Family History – Discover Your Heritage Today!

Who knows if you are one of the descendants of one of the famous man of history? Truly, it feels nice to know your family history because this will give you an idea about how great your lineage is. For sure, almost all of us are linked to someone famous of the past! With so [...]

 Conduct a Criminal Background History Check For the Children’s Sake!

Most parents drive their children around everywhere they go. Has your child ever told you to ‘just drop them off here?’ Most parents assume that their kids are too cool to be dropped off at the front door, or to be seen with their parents. It’s one of those things we roll our eyes at [...]

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