Frugal Living for the Whole Family

Being single and living a frugal lifestyle isn’t that difficult as you are the only one involved in all the decision-making. However this all changes once you have a partner or if children come along, expanding your family and income requirements. To ensure a more harmonious life and to avoid future rows about money or [...]

 Family Portrait- a Living Memory for the Future

Sometimes, suddenly occurred events leave memorable effects over your life and at that time you want to capture the precious events. In other words, there are some memorable events, for them you just cannot faith in your family camera to capture the moments. Events may be your baby’s first step, your grandparents, marriage anniversary and [...]

 How a Living Trust Protects Your Children

All of us who have children want to make sure that if (or should I say when) we die, our children are taken care of, that medical expenses they have are paid, that they are educated, and have the necessary funds for maintenance and support. Most parents say they prefer that their children, particularly if [...]

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