Family History ? 3 Creative Ways to Leave Your Own Legacy

I am sure you are interested in create a compelling family history with all your digital memories. The chances are that you’re already doing many of the right things. You’re probably already capturing lots of good digital memories. Hopefully you’ve started converting your non-digital files to digital format. Maybe you’re even better than the average [...]

 Top 10 Ways Your Family Can Help Your Home Business Succeed

While some home business owners hire family to help their business succeed, some do it for tax benefits. No matter the reason, employing family to help your business has many advantages. If you do hire your family, there are some aspects to consider. Your family can also help the future of your [...]

 The Festive, Fit Family: Ten Ways to Combat Childhood Obesity by Getting the Whole Family Healthy?holiday Style

By Tom Gilliam, Ph.D. The holidays are here in full (fattening) force. And unfortunately for the health conscious, along with the tinsel and the tree comes the onslaught of temptation: the rich turkey gravy, the dressing, the sugar cookies, the eggnog, the pie—all those comfort foods that taste especially comforting during a recession-marred [...]

 The Art Of Parenting Non-Conforming Kids: Six Ways To Teach Your Kids To Live Fearless, Authentic, And Wildly Successful Lives

Parents take note: We’re living in a time when being “different” actually pays off. How to nurture individuality in the formative years. By Robin Fisher Roffer  Few jobs are more daunting than raising well-rounded, happy, confident kids. On one hand, you adore what makes your child unique: your daughter’s all-consuming love of science (she’s bordering [...]

 There Are Ways to Stop Pornography Addiction Among Children

Do you know how serious porn addiction is among children? As early as 11 years old, your child can already be watching his first pornographic material. Most children are exposed to porn in the Internet  from 12 to 17 years old, while those who are from 15 to 17 years old have already dealt with [...]

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